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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring has been referred to as “Painted Flooring”. We believe that Preparation, Material / System type and Trained applicators are the three key Ingredients to the perfect epoxy floor.


We believe that when prepping a surface with chemicals you are leaving the project open to failure and/or delamination of the coating system from the surface. That is why we will only prepare every surface with dust-free shotblasting and/or diamond grinding. These methods leave a clean suitable surface for the optimum adhesion of the new flooring system.

Epoxy/Urethane Floor Sealing and Thin-Mil Coating:

An economical solution to seal concrete floors, protect from spills, improve clean-ability, and enhance the appearance and brightness of any facility.

High Build Epoxy/Urethane Coating Systems:

These coating solutions provide excellent wear, abrasion and chemical resistance for Light Manufacturing, Warehouse, Aerospace, Computer & Electronics, Assembly & Production Lines, Stock Rooms, Aisles, Walkways, and for many Commercial and Retail floors.

Epoxy Broadcast Flooring Systems:

Ideal for resurfacing existing floors and long-term protection of new floors in Supermarket Meat/Bakery/Deli floors, Industrial, Automotive Service Bays, Machine Shops and High-Traffic areas. Usually installed 1/16″-1/8″ thick, offered in many colors, chemical resistant topcoats, and non-skid textures.

Heavy Duty Industrial Floor Topping:

These trowel applied surfaces (1/4″ nominal thickness) will resurface badly damaged existing concrete floors or protect new concrete floors in Heavy Industrial Environments, Loading Docks, Drum Storage Areas and Commercial and Institutional floors subject to extreme physical abuse.

Mechanical Room Flooring Systems:

Flexible, fluid applied systems are used to restore existing and/or protect new floors subject to vibration, thermal swings and impact. Uses include Machine Decks, Turbine Room floors, Mezzanines, Boiler Rooms or any upper level floors.

High Build Epoxy Wall Systems:

Used in conjunction with Seamless Flooring, these anti-microbial,USDA/FDA approved systems provide a seamless floor-cove-wall and ceiling system when cleanliness and hygienically superior environments are required in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Food Prep & Commercial Kitchens, Clean Rooms, Healthcare, Animal Care, and Chemical Storage facilities.

Seamless Urethane Flooring:

Quick turn-around (cures in hours, not days) and unequaled resistance to physical abuse, thermal shock, a wide range of chemicals and bacteria growth are benefits of this system for Food & Beverage Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Meat, Poultry & Dairy Plants, Chemical Processing, Secondary Containment Areas, Waste water Treatment Plants and Industrial environments.

Moisture Vapor Emission Control Systems:

Moisture vapor transmission is the biggest problem facing the flooring industry today.  New construction and existing facilities are all faced with this phenomena. Utilizing engineered resins to overcome water vapor and alkalinity problems, systems can be installed to reduce emissions to a level acceptable for the installation of any type of flooring.

Quartz and Vinyl Chip Flooring:

These attractive, seamless, slip-resistant flooring systems are ideal when high-performance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance are required in Lobbies & Corridors, Commercial Kitchens & Food Prep Areas, Supermarket Meat/Bakery/Deli floors, Laboratories, Automotive Show Rooms, and virtually any commercial and institutional floor.

PolyUrea Coatings:

The placement of optional 100% solids Poly Urea Topcoat only adds further protection, durability, flexibility, chemical resistance and UV resistance to the flooring system. While Epoxy coatings are great to withstand weight and heavy abuse – combining it with a Poly Urea topcoat only makes sense so that you may also add the above-mentioned benefits that are present in virtually every facility-residential, commercial and industrial.

Facilities Management Group is among an elite group of contractors nationwide to have earned the status of Creative Material Preferred Installer.  Just a few benefits of Polyurea coatings are low downtime compared to epoxies, 100% UV protection, impenetrable chemical resistance based upon system design.

In addition to above, we offer Concrete Staining, Micro-Topping, Chemical Resistant Coating and Lining, High and Low Temperature Coatings, Traffic Coating and Surfacing, Conductive Flooring, Safety Related Floor Repairs, Diamond Polished Concrete and other related services.